Our Teachers

Nuria Fortier

Director of ILSCA, Spanish

Experienced Native Spanish speaker with a passion for helping students of all ages learn about the Spanish language. Knowledge of curriculum development and current teaching methods.  Provides tutoring for both children and adults.

Ms. Fortier is the International Language School for Children and Adults School Director. She’s in charge of managing and overseeing school operations. A natural leader with strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Angela Landa


Credentialed Native Teacher. She is an enthusiastic and devoted Spanish Teacher with excellent communication skills demonstrated by 20 years of teaching experience. A high degree of fluency in major Spanish dialects; specializes in managing students and maximizing learning opportunities in diverse classroom settings. She loves to read, write stories, dance and sing.

Cyndie Gibson


Ms. Gibson is a credentialed teacher with over twenty-eight years of teaching. She’s organized, enthusiastic, innovative, and dedicated to the teaching profession. She provides learning experiences that promote autonomy, equity, and interaction for all students. She is enthusiastic about teaching and learning. She loves working with students of all ages.

Audrey Campos


Audrey Campos, a native Spanish speaker has a B.A. in the social sciences with a multiple subject credential. She has a Masters’s degree in MFCC. She has been an elementary teacher for the past 31 years. She has a passion and love for education, teaching both English and Spanish.

Melinda Bonilla Tindall

American Sign Language

Melinda Bonilla Tindall passionately teaches ASL to children and adults.  She has a GE is in Deaf Studies and is certified Sign Language interpreter. She has been a SBCSS interpreter since 2008.

Marina Simonetti-Lutz


Proficient Native Italian Language teacher with over 20 years of experience. Skilled at teaching and communicating with students about the beauty and culture of the Italian Language.

Ms. Simonetti also teaches the German Language and culture. Having learned German in Europe, she looks forward to teaching the language, culture, and literature to help students gain all-around knowledge in the same.

Vivian Huang


Highly dedicated and responsible Chinese Native speaker and 100 percent fluent in Mandarin. Committed to bilingualism and multicultural awareness.  She is very patient with children as well as  creative and interactive and loves to sing.

Mia Brantley


Having studied Spanish most of her life, Mia passed the AP Spanish test with a 5 and has devoted her skills to teaching teens and AP Spanish students to broaden their knowledge of the Spanish language and Culture. She’s a talented Spanish Language instructor passionate about making high school level Spanish a positive experience for all students. She is positive and encouraging to both children and adult students of all levels.

Miranda Su


Credentialed Native Chinese Teacher. Experienced teaching children and adults. She possesses Chinese language fluency, teaching skills, patience, organization, and excellent communication skills.

Lan Bailis

Sign Language

Friendly and energetic American Sign Language teacher with 10 years of teaching experience in a public classroom environment. She’s highly motivated to help students learn ASL. Uses a variety of teaching styles to help students of all backgrounds and education levels learn the language in an easy and positive way.

Viviane Hanna


Viviane Hanna is a certified French language teacher. She is fluent in French with a high degree of fluency in English, Arabic, and Spanish.  Ms. Hanna creates an enthusiastic environment and makes learning a happy journey among students. She possesses a remarkable ability to work in a polite and friendly manner and enjoys designing and delivering lesson plans to her students varying from children to adults by integrating the latest tools of technology in the curriculum, to ensure her student’s motivation.

Sammy Rugnao


Sammy is enthusiastic about sharing his Japanese language aquisition skills with his students of all ages. He is a caring, detailed instructor of the Japanese language as well as the Japanese culture.

Ana Maria Rada


She is a dynamic and self-motivated bilingual professional with proven experience in teaching Portuguese and a bachelor’s in Sociology.  She is a native speaker with excellent verbal presentation skills. She teaches individual and group Portuguese classes and Portuguese cultural awareness from beginner to advance levels.

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