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Summer Session 2021  

Virtual classes via Zoom June 19 – August 7


9am Spanish Kids, 3-5yo

9am Chinese Kids

9am American Sign Language

9am Italian 3

9am English as a second language

9am Russian Beg

9am Portuguese Kids

10am  Spanish Kids, 6-9yo

10am Spanish Kids, 10-14yo

10am German beg

10am Chinese Kids 2

10am Russian

10am Portuguese Adults

11am  Spanish 2

11am Spanish 3

11am  Chinese Adult Beg

11am French Adults Beg

11am German Kids

pm classes

12pm Spanish Beginners

12pm Spanish Conversation

12pm Italian Beginners

12pm French Kids

12pm Chinese Adults 2

12pm Japanese 2

1pm Italian Kids

1pm Japanese Beg

1pm French Adult 2

1pm Spanish 4

1pm Spanish 5

1pm Spanish 6

1pm Chinese Adults 2

2pm French Kids 2


We offer Spanish & Chinese after school programs, Spanish Immersion Summer Camps, virtual classes, and private instruction.

Please contact us for details. (909) 226-9275 or  [email protected]

Classes Offered:










Sign Language

ESL (English as a Second Language)

After School Programs (Spanish, Chinese) & Summer Spanish Imersion Camps

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