About the International Language School for Children and Adults

A Brief History About Our Origins

The International Language School was founded in 1991 as a partnership by two teachers and continued after the first year with a sole proprietor. Originally starting out with German, other languages soon followed. Spanish seemed an obvious choice in Southern California and also English as a Second Language. French is preferred by many, because of its beauty and as a third language for students that have already a native Spanish-speaking background. Recently we added Italian, Portuguese, Sign-language, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Because of its special interest to the public, the International Language School was featured three times in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin over the last ten years.

After looking back to our first summer school in 1992 with only a handful of students, we are very proud to announce the enrollment of nearly 70 students this past June and July. Many were families, returning students, or had heard about us through word of mouth.

We currently have eight teachers for our Saturday classes. Most of them grew up in a foreign country and have been with the school for many years. Our classrooms are located at the beautiful Pitzer College in Claremont. We teach children, high school students, adults, and even vacation time visitors. (Tutors for private lessons are also available.) Some children start as young as three years old. Virtual classes have been added with great success.

Being able to speak more than one language has become very important in the last few years. Many learn a foreign language to further their education, improve employment opportunities, for traveling, or for better communication.

Lessons include everyday vocabulary, proper pronunciation, simple phrases, reading and conversation, grammar and sentence structure, songs, poems and stories, games, contests, crafts, food, and more. Our holiday program in the big auditorium and many customs from around the world, celebrated throughout the year, are enjoyed by all. (Learning experiences will differ depending on age, grade level, and teacher.)

We have adapted our Regular Program to teach online. We are now offering virtual online classes with a live teacher for kids, teens, and adults.


Director’s Welcome,

Thank you all for visiting International Language School for Children and Adults.  ILSCA was founded on the principle that learning a foreign language should be fun, energetic, and pleasing and that it can be a long-lasting pursuit that brings you satisfaction.  From toddlers to teenagers, and adults, we instruct classes for students that teach interpersonal skills that apply throughout one’s life.  Our classes prepare students with the interpersonal skills of speaking another language.  We would love to welcome you, your family members and friends to join one of our fun and very popular classes!

ILSCA is a dynamic Language School. Your place to learn a new language, expand your horizons, meet new friends, and feel accomplished.


Nuria Fortier

ILSCA Director

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