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Convenient Classes

Our easy, 1 class a week system focuses on getting you or your children on the right track to learning a variety of languages including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Russian, French,  Portuguese, American Sign Language, and English.


Most classes are led by native teachers, are 60 minutes long, they are organized according to the level and interests of the students, in order to achieve the best possible learning results for everyone.  During the lesson, your instructor will encourage the student to participate, so that everyone makes progress. For example, by going over exercises or asking questions, students should easily retain the content of the class.

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History of Success

Founded in 1991, The International Language School for Children and Adults originally started by teaching high-quality German Language classes. Over time we’ve acquired experienced teachers that teach Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Russian, French, Portuguese, American Sign Language, and English.

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Experienced Teachers

The International Language School’s teachers are highly trained, passionate, and devoted to making sure you or your child can learn a new language. Teaching languages goes beyond communication and grammar. It teaches everyone how to value and appreciate a culture for its language, its history, its music, its cuisine, its art, and its people which is the reason why we love not only teaching a language but sharing our culture and heritage with our students.

Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Research shows that children who learned a second language has a plethora of benefits including higher test scores, increased cognition, better social skills and better career opportunists in the future

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Happy Students and Parents

Our school provides fun activities for children and adults, learning languages to keep them engaged and interested.

High Praise from Alumni

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